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The career of music started from 13 years old. The Bassguitar was played from 13 to 22 years old by the rock band.
DJ's friend and acquaintance when it is 19 years old. It began to make my tune with 4track tape machine, the sampling machine, the rhythm box, and the guitar. When it was a student, it was influenced from Steve Reich, AUTECHRE, and ForceInc/milleplateaux very much. It participated in the party of the techno music in 2001. from 2002 that the tune is made in full scale and the activity began. I keep producing music while making good use of a computer and other various things now.

My English is unskilled. Was my thing transmitted? Please refer to the work.
Postscript. I am searching for the place that I perform. The request is not refused. ..

05年スペイン tecnoNucleo レーベルから発表した音響作品をきっかけに、米 dbnet、英 Meltwater から続いてリリース。09年春には Stephan Mathieu、Celer らと共に仏 christian di vito 主催のコンピレーション『before you lose everything』に参加。現在ではベース、ピアノ、ギターなどの楽器演奏からテクノロジーを駆使した表現までフォーマットを意識しない活動を行っている。